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Level 5 Community Justice Knowledge Modules

These course modules are provided for those learners who have a Level  5 or above Higher Education award, but have not yet covered all four of the knowledge entry requirements demanded by the Professional  Qualification in Probation (PQiP).

Our modules are designed to be as flexible as possible, with:

  • Competitively priced Distance Learning teaching and learning provision for the Knowledge Entry Requirement to ensure your route to the Level 6 Professional Qualification in Probation (PQiP) programme.
  • Registration available at any point in the calendar year, to one or more modules.
  • Study deadlines to fit your own pace, with assignments submitted on line when you wish.

At the core of the University of Portsmouth Distance Learning delivery model is the University of Portsmouth blended learning approach which incorporates written learning materials, visual and aural learning resources and web based communication and peer learning. The University of Portsmouth utilises the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment to facilitate e- learning between tutors and amongst students.

Units available:

The Criminal Justice System

This module critically evaluates the idea of an increasingly joined up criminal justice system and the contemporary place of the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies. The module critically evaluates the role of statutory and private providers in the criminal justice system. The module also evaluates various theoretical models which are useful to understand contemporary trends and changes to the criminal justice system. The module also highlight the pros and cons with the prominence which multi agency working has in the criminal justice system.

Crime and Criminal Behaviour

This module critically examines the sociological and psychological theories which have helped to explain or understand criminality . It highlights the social construction of what we understand crime to be and evaluate our knowledge of the extent of crime in society. The module offers students criminological explanations of gang related crime, and theoretical approaches to crimes of the poor and of the powerful.

Penology and the Punishment of Offenders

This module discusses the philosophies of punishment, the birth and contemporary significance of the prison, the development and contemporary relevance of community based punishments and the place of the probation Service within this. It analyses the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda and the incorporation of a range of public, private and voluntary sector providers in the supervision of offenders. The module offers a range of critical issues regarding punishment including the punishment of women and offenders from Black and Minority Ethnic communities.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders

This module addresses the many definitions and approaches to understand the rehabilitation of offenders. It critically evaluates the various approaches to effective strategies for rehabilitation highlighting both the ‘what works’ agenda and contemporary significance of the research and policy formation around the desistence research agenda.


You will have access to the following, to maximise your progression:

  • Provision of a named module coordinator and personal academic tutor to access support and guidance where required.
  • Access to Induction Moodle site to  facilitate effective signposting of all  University of Portsmouth learning resources prior to  starting
  • E Learning Teaching and Learning Technologies for all  units
  • Provision of Online Interactive Reading lists ensuring a speedy delivery of reading material on the learner’s own computer.
  • Instant access to an ever-growing library of e-books and e-journals in the criminology/ community justice field.  Currently, there are  500,000 relevant e-books and 24,000 relevant e-journals available to all ICJS students
  • Free dispatch of books and offprints of journal articles to all e/distance learning students when these are not available online.
  • After successful completion of the Knowledge Entry Modules you will be entered into the University of Portsmouth Community Justice Learning Gateway  Assessment Service (GAS) for formal  verification of your achievements to  the National  Offender Management Service.


To apply to study any or all of the knowledge entry modules, visit our online store: Community Justice Required Learning Modules. The cost for each knowledge module is £425.

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For further information about the Level  5 Community  Justice  Knowledge Entry Modules at the University of Portsmouth please contact Rachel Goldhill on or 01273 626598.

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