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Gateway Assessment Service

Applying to the service is simple.

First you will need to ensure your learning and experience relates to at least three of the four knowledge modules. You can do this by matching, the title of your unit, the module descriptor or the learning outcomes of your module studied. The four Units are:

The Criminal Justice System

This module covers essential information about the justice system of England and Wales and the complex nature of delivering justice. It also evaluates various theoretical models which are useful to understand contemporary trends and changes to the CJS. You need to identify the modules that have covered this subject area.

Crime and Criminal Behaviour

This module critically examines the sociological and psychological theories which have helped to explain or understand criminality. You will need to demonstrate that you have studied the theoretical explanations of crime, criminal behaviour and offending.

Penal Policy and Punishment

This module discusses the philosophies of punishment. It considers the development and significance of prison, and community based punishments. It explores a range of critical issues including the punishment of women and offenders from Black and Minority Ethnic communities. You need to have covered these in your units to demonstrate a match.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders

This module addresses the many definitions and approaches to understand the rehabilitation of offenders. You would need to demonstrate that you have studied the various approaches to effective strategies for rehabilitation.

Once you have identified the areas that you have matched, you can gather your information and have an informal assessment. This is undertaken by an academic member of staff at the University of Portsmouth.

To begin the application process for PQiP, we will complete the Gateway Assessment applications for Probation officer training free of charge to the applicant. If you wish to apply to join the PQiP please complete the application form (.docx) and email, with GAS in the subject line.

Evidence you need to include (if possible) for the assessment:

  • Your current address in the Probation divisions detailed above.
  • A summary of the match between your units and the core knowledge Units.
  • You need include unit descriptors or learning outcomes as this would support your evidence.
  • You must provide your Higher education award transcript, as evidence of the units studied.
  • Include your dissertation abstract if this matches the Core Knowledge units

Please remember we can combine units to make a match so include as much evidence as possible to support your application. Your evidence will be assessed and if you have three or more of the knowledge modules you may proceed to obtaining your unique Gateway Assessment number.

You can expect a response to your submission in 20 days.

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