Community Justice Learning Gateway Assessment Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the Gateway Assessment Service (GAS)?
A. It will cost £75 pounds unless you have been sponsored by NOMS.

Q. How long will it take for my application to be assessed?
A. It may take 20 days for your application to be processed.

Q. What evidence do I need to provide with my application?
A. We will need to see a transcript with the specific modules/units you studied at level 5 or above. Course outlines can be uploaded to further support your application. Please highlight the units on your transcripts that you believe show you have completed the module/unit.

Q. If I have completed an NVQ (3, 4,5) is this sufficient evidence to demonstrate I have achieved the relevant  knowledge unit?
A. No, you must provide evidence of University courses completed at level 5 & 6.

Q. I have a lot of practice experience. Can this be accepted as evidence of the knowledge required for the level 5 units.
A. No. Recognition of prior learning only applies to equivalent past academic study.

Q. What if I don’t have the evidence for the level 5 units?
A. You can complete any units you have not previously studied online prior to applying for the programme.

Q. If I need to undertake further modules/units when will these be available, and how much will they cost?
A. The modules will be available from July 2016 and will cost £425 per module. They will be delivered online with no expectation that you attend the University. You will be allocated a Personal Tutor to support your completion of these modules/units.

Q. How long will it take me to complete a module?
A. There is an expectation that you will need to do 200 hours of study for each module. These can be studied at your own pace.

Q. Once I have completed any extra modules I require to become eligible for the PQiP am I guaranteed a place?
A. No, you will have to apply and be successful at an assessment centre.

Q. If I need to undertake level 4 study, can I self-fund and how much will that cost?
A. As long as you have a VQ3 in Probation or a related vocational qualification you will be able to self-fund the level 4 pathway.

Q. How do I appeal the GAS decision?
A. You can contact the person who assessed your eligibility directly if you have evidence of having studied the required modules/units at the required level.

Q. Is there an age restriction on who can apply?
A. Applicants must be over 18. There is no upper age restriction.

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